Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reflection on the weekend

So I didn't accomplish everything I intended to this past weekend, but I do know that without posting that list to my blog, practically nothing would have gotten done on it. It forced me to think about the purpose of everything I was doing; Is this something I can cross off- if not, is it worth not crossing something off? By Sunday night I was pooped and didn't care about crossing things off, but oh, how it helped on Friday night and Saturday. So don't be surprised if you see another lengthy list in future weekends.

Here are some things the list didn't capture:
It snowed here Friday night (about 2 inches) and Ian was jumping up and down with excitement. He asked me if he still had mittens and wanted to know where the parts to the snowman were. Granted, by the time he got outside the next day, it was mostly gone, but he still got to enjoy it for a bit.
First Snow

On Sunday I went to the quilt show at Lauritzen Gardens. They had some of the smaller quilts interspersed in their chrysanthmum show, and others on display in the adjoining room. The quilts all had to be nature themed. There was one quilt there that was entirely one sheet of fabric, but not a cotton. It had a metallic sheen to it and had the most amazing quilting on it.
Quilt 1
Quilt 2
Quilt 3
Quilt 4

My Two Monkeys
My Two Monkeys

Baker's Assistant
Cookie Maker

How does this work

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