Sunday, October 9, 2011

September Craft Ceations

Moneik's Block
Moneik's Lover's Lane block for the friendship block exchange

Patti's block
Patti's Greek Cross block for the friendship block exchange

Cindy's Block
Cindy's Annie's Choice block for the friendship block exchange

Second First Birthday
Great Billie threw Ian a first birthday party when we visited March 08 when she couldn't make it to Omaha for his party.  Layout down for CK issue challenge in which  you had to use numbers in your title.

Four Generations
Four Generations with Annaliese.  Made for CK issue challenge to use multiple photos. 

I'll Never Forget
After watching and discussing the events of 10 years ago, I had to get my story on paper. One thing I always wonder is where my parents/grandparents were when major events happened in their life, so now at least Ian and Annaliese will know if they're ever curious. Created for CK issue challenge to cluster.

So adorable
Annaliese being so adorable in her adorable outfit.  Made just for fun :)

Day You Turned One
Ian's first birthday fell during the week, so we snapped pictures and so did day care.  Can't believe how much he's changed since then.  Still remember those days like they were yesterday. 

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