Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun-filled Weekend

It was another weekend of 90-degree weather. I never would have thought that March would go out, and April come in, with such fantastic weather.  Saturday morning dawned chilly, which was perfect weather working in the community garden at church.  We have three plots there, though not the one we had last year.  Most of our morning was spent cleaning brush off the plots we got because they weren't maintained by the people who had them last year.  Ian spent the morning scooping OmaGrow for people to dump on their plots.  Annaliese just wandered between us and Ian.


After Ian's last swimming lesson for the season, lunch, and naps, (oh, and a yogurt snack) it was egg dyeing time.  Some clothes were damaged in the dyeing of these eggs. 

We set a record high in Omaha on Saturday of 91, and celebrated by turning on the lawn sprinklers and letting the kids loose.  Funny thing is, we thought Annaliese would love it, as she has already this year run through the hose when I've watered grass seed, but she hated it and Ian screamed with glee the entire time.  

Sunday brought our Easter Egg hunt, in which the Easter Bunny (Marlena and Noah) hid the eggs while we stayed late at church to clean up the coffee and cookie items.  They had lots of fun hunting, and it was fun for Darrin and I not to know where they were hid.  This is the first year Annaliese actually hunted, as last year she was still indifferent to the whole thing.  Still, Ian ended up pointing most out to her; she didn't find a lot on her own, though she did the ones in the trees and was very excited to get them down (we missed your assistance, Grandpa Dan, as you've had the job almost every year of helping them get them out of the tree). They enjoyed their Easter gifts as well, and although we only got pictures of the kite flying, there was bubble blowing, ball kicking, book reading, and Lego building. 

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Debbie said...

Your family is always busy doing fun and amusing things. Thank you keeping us all informed through your pictures and notes. You have a great family. You do a great job introducing your kids to new adventures and activities.

See you on Saturday. Love you