Saturday, August 9, 2008

Goodbye summer...

This is the last weekend before I go back to life as a teacher, and what's back-to-school without a new haircut. The last time I had it cut was February. It was really long, and this is the shortest I've had since freshman year of college. So here's a picture mom and dad...
Before I got overwhelmed in grading papers and writing lessons, I had to get a red, white, and blue star done for my prolific online quilting group. One of the girls is serving overseas, and many of us are making a block to be sewn into a quilt for her. Here's my block. It's the 'Nebraska' block from Carol Doak's book (can you guess why I picked it?)

Ian will be 18-months-old on Wednesday, so he got a birthday present from us. He's been driving his tractors and cars all over our furniture like crazy these last couple of days. I saw this toy at Target and decided he needed it and it couldn't wait until Christmas, hence the 18-month gift. He loves it. It's the only thing he's played with since he got it, and that was at 3:00 today.

Darrin questioned whether or not Ian should have gotten a gift. He's been a pistol this last week. We think it's the terrible two's hitting already, and they sure are annoying. If he doesn't get his way on anything, he throws a fit. Most the time it's okay, just a few seconds of crying and rolling on the floor before the thumb goes in the mouth and all is well. During meals is when it's really bad, though. If he doesn't get his way, his criss-crosses his arms quickly infront of him and anything in the path gets cast onto the floor. BBQ, ranch, mac 'n cheese, yogurt, you name it- it's seen our floor this week. Unfortunately whoever built our house put carpet in the only place a table can go, and unfortunately Darrin and I bought a table that doesn't leave enough clearance to pick up Ian's chair enough to get it under the table with something covering the floor. As a special education teacher, I've taken quite a few behavioral classes, and my education tells me that I should take him away from the table when he does this, but the mother in me doesn't want him to starve... hopefully this ends soon.

We're really loving our new Nikon. We've taken more picture in this month so far than we did the whole month a year ago, and Ian's was just as cute then as he is now. Here's my boys washing dishes in the sink:

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Amelia said...

Love the block...will make a great addition to the quilt.