Thursday, July 11, 2013

Backbone State Park

Backbone is a state park near where we grew up. Two years ago we took the kids there, and I was excited to go back and creek stomp again (my favorite activity) and try paddle boating. We did all that and more this time.

We started off our trip by hiking the Backbone trail.  It's a very rocky trail. I remember as kid climbing it and feeling like I was conquering a mountain. For some reason, I didn't quite have that same thought when we went on Saturday...

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By the time we were done on the trail, we were all hot and sweaty, but luckily we had our swim gear on already and were ready to head into the creek. Annaliese was a FISH! She was swimming in the water and putting her head under.  I could have kept the camera on her the entire time and captured nothing but a smile and fun. Ian would have fun if I suggested something for him to do (splash, sit down, throw rocks, etc), but he'd quickly grow bored with it and complain, asking when it was time to get out. Both completely diferent reactions from two years ago when she wasn't sure what to think about the water and he was in heaven exploring.

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Much to Ian's delight, Grandma and Grandpa showed up, so it was time to get out of the water and have a picnic lunch (and do our best to eat fast and get away from the gnats).  We then left the streams and headed to the lake to do a bit of paddle boating.  Ian could sit on the very edge of the seat and reach the pedals. he did a great job and pedaled pretty much the entire time.  Annaliese could reach them, too... if she propped herself up on her arms with her butt hanging off. It was fun to have a new experience with the kids.
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I think our last activity, swimming in the lake, was there favorite. The whole time while we were stomping in the creek, Ian would ask, "When are we going swimming?" He didn't even know at that time the lake existed, or that swimming was an option. I'll admit I wasn't to keen on the idea, but they saw it from the boats, and I couldn't stop them from getting in.  It wasn't very deep (not even up to Darrin's waist) and they had a blast having Darrin throw them in the water.  They would both come up with a smile on their faces, saying, "MORE!"  Grandma got in the water to play, too. There came a point, though, when Darrin was done throwing them, and you can really see their personalities about water come out- Ian headed to the beach to play in the sand, and Annaliese didn't follow directions and ventured farther into the water. 
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