Sunday, October 27, 2013

Annual Pumpkin Patch Visit

Darrin's parents came to visit this weekend and brought along our nephew- whom Ian calls his "bestest-buddy".  We ventured to the pumpkin patch Friday afternoon (the kids were out of school thanks to conferences) and had a blast.  We went to Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Patch- the same place we went last year.  Given that it didn't rain before we went, I thought it was a much more enjoyable experience this year. The kids were a lot more adventurous... or perhaps a better word is courageous, this year.  They went into buildings and explored places that they were too wary of last year.  I think those were some of there favorite experiences from this year.  Here's a few of my favorite shots picked out from the 128 I shot today...

This netting led to the top of the large, metal slide. Annaliese was a champ at this, though a little fearful about the slide.

The boys were champs, too.

One of the several times Ian went down this, he may have forgotten to plant his feet and he went flying off and landed on his butt. The picture doesn't capture the speed at which the kids were going down the slide.

She used her feet to really slow herself down, and once was enough for her.

Yes, Grandpa, the big kid, loved going down the slides, too.

This one wasn't really a slide, more like a steep shoot. You didn't really have time to plant your feet, you just arrived at the bottom. That look on Ian's face isn't from the sun- it's from the shock of being at the bottom already.

These zip lines were another thing the kids didn't do last year. They LOVED it this year. We were all surprised at how well Annaliese and Owen were able to hang on.

Ian was a bit tall and had to bend his knees.

Ahoy there Ian and Owen!

Both boys said this was their favorite part- the hay rack ride to the pumpkin patch.  There were many skeletons, zombies, aliens, etc along the route, and the boys utilized their bow and arrows, complete with sound effects, to protect us.  Annaliese probably would have joined in, but she was more concerned about her Teddy Grahams.

She found her perfect pumpkin right away, and didn't really want it out of her reach... except for finish eating her Teddy Grahams.

I think he might be getting too used to posing for the camera...

The kiddos and their choices.

As we were leaving the patch, we spotted the corn maze, so we headed there for one last adventure before we left.
The slide in the corn maze.

Annaliese chose to go down face first... she is the daredevil of the group.

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