Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quad Cities Weekend

We spent this past weekend in the Quad Cities. Saturday was Walcott Day and Ian enjoyed bits of the parade, like the fire trucks and tractors. We sat back from the road so he didn't get in on all the candy catching, but did get to take advantage of a Popsicle. I think he actually preferred when the parade ended. He liked climbing up and down Great-Grandma's stairs.

Ian added a new word to his vocabulary during Walcott Day as well- bike. Before it was always a 'car' but now he's learned bike. He watched his two cousins we were staying with ride their bikes to Great-Grandma's, and he wanted to as well. All he wanted to do was get pushed around on the bike.

Ian surprised us at the ribeye dinner that night- he actually ate steak. Hopefully this is a sign he's getting over the 'texture' thing that's keeping him from enjoying yummy food. Here he is posing with his cousin, who, when he saw we had the camera out, sided right up to Ian and put a smile on his face. Can't wait til Ian learns to pose for a camera like that.

On Sunday we spent the day in Davenport with my grandparents. We enjoyed a great breakfast buffet at Golden Corral. Ian went to town on the fruit and really enjoyed the pancakes as well. We went back to my grandparents and Ian loved looking at all of great-grandpa's tractor magazines. He kept pulling them off the table and bringing them to all of us.

He was getting pretty sleeping after the full breakfast and from the fact that he was up from 1:30 until 3:30 during the night in the SAME room as us (UGH!) . I have no idea what was up with that, though it was kinda cute. He was singing to himself and talking to us, and we were doing our best to ignore him. Because of this lack of sleep, he was getting really fussy. We couldn't get him in a picture with my grandparents without me holding him. He was so tired that when we left, he was asleep in the backseat within three minutes.

We had a great time, and like always when we visit family, I wish we lived closer to them. Is there any way Omaha could be moved east of Des Moines?


Amelia said...

Sounds like a wonderful family time...building those memories for everyone.


Barb said...

What a great day and what an adorable little guy you have. I miss mine being that small.

Michelle said...

You were only about 50 miles from me. Did you stop in at The World's Biggest Truckstop?

Looks like Ian, and everyone else had a great time! What a cute boy you have!