Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Ian's Learned

Maybe it's that we were away from him for a week, but I swear he's getting too smart for his own good (or my good). We only have to show him something once and he figures it out. Here's some things he's learned this week:
  • Ian asked for more cereal and I said no, because it was almost lunch time. Wouldn't you know he went to the pantry, opened the door, and pulled his cereal off the shelf. Time to get a door lock or move the cereal up a shelf or two...
  • He realized he can reach the light switches from the stairs, and continually flips the hall light on and off.
  • The bottles I used for pumping are in a drawer Ian is allowed to play in. He pulled them out and likes to twist them. He hasn't completely figured how to get them off (he doesn't pick his hand up and reposition it) but he twists it and then asks for help to get it off. He's now trying to twist the cap off of everything (toothpaste, lotion, sippy cup)
  • Once the lid was off the bottle, he learned to put his Cheerios in them and carrying them elsewhere to dump out.
  • A couple weeks ago, Ian learned how to take the cap off of a pen, so now every pen, even if it doesn't have a cap, he does the motion to take it off. This week he learned how to work a pen with a 'clicker' top.
There's probably more, but those are the highlights. Ian had a busy week this week. We went swimming at my co-workers pool on Tuesday. He wasn't a fish in the water, but he didn't necessarily hate it, either. Wednesday and Thursday we spent at Creighton University. He was a guinea pig for the physical therapy students who needed to work with kids to acquaint themselves with different assessments. Friday we celebrated the 4th with a fantastic dinner at Marlena's mom's and then he stayed up until 10. He never seemed to notice the fireworks there, but when we got home, he didn't really care for all the noises going off on our street.

All this playing has tuckered Ian out and I've gotten some work done on my Shadow Play (Ocean Wave) quilt during his naps. I have about 1/3 of the green blocks done. The napping has also given me time to enjoy some Wii Fit. I have discovered through using it that I have TERRIBLE balance when needing to stand on one leg for a period of time. I get nervous getting on the balance board every day, because it shows whether or not you've gained weight. Darrin and I splurged on some Ben and Jerry's today, so I'm sure it's up... (probably why I haven't hopped on today).

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Deb A said...

He sure is learning lots of new things quickly. It is fun to see our little ones learn new things.... and I can't wait until Aidan figures out the light switches...NOT! Glad you are finding time to sew during nap times.