Sunday, March 29, 2009


This weekend has been great (as most weekend usually are). My parents were chilling at my house when I got home from work Friday, but I wasn't able to visit with them very long. Marlena and I threw our friend Sara a surprise 30th birthday party. It went off beautifully. She thought she was coming to eat dinner with my family, but instead, she ate with her parents, who came down from Iowa, and she had friends come in from Des Moines and Chicago. She wasn't expecting a thing and was speechless she was so surprised. We held it at the Farmhouse, where the food is always delicious (especially the Ho-Ho cake!).

While I was busy at the party, Ian was apparently busy learning how to somersault, and I missed his first successful solo attempt. I'm sure there will be plenty more for me to see.

We spent Saturday morning at the Children's Museum. Mom and Dad had a blast watching Ian run around to all the different places. Ian had fun dragging them everywhere. Before stopping by the museum, though, we went to the train park (not realizing how freaking cold out it was).

At the museum, Ian had a great time in the ball room, throwing the balls into the bins and watching them travel to the collection area, and then standing under the collection area when it opened.

Then there was driving the fire truck. He drove it for quite awhile.
And playing with the oversized light bright (I loved mine as a kid... I may have to reclaim that from mom and dad).

Ian was a Grandpa's boy all weekend. Ian convinced Grandpa to play cars, trains, and dominoes non-stop. All he had to say was, "Ganpa, play me" and Grandpa would jump. Ian had him wrapped around his pinky finger the minute he saw him. We got Ian a sandbox today, and he spent nearly 3 straight hours playing in it. Of course, he wanted Grandpa to play with him. Grandpa, however, didn't want to get dirty, so it proved to make his body a bit sore. They had a blast, though. I was surprised Ian played with it for that long. When he first started, he would barely touch it because he hated the feeling of it on his hands. He still doesn't stick his hands in it, and if he got it on his clothes, he had to brush it off immediately. He would drive his Catepillars and dig in it, though.

I did make some quilt progress this weekend. I finished my March wallhanging UFO. It will hang on the wall for a whopping three days, as I actually have April's done.

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