Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yesterday, I had a pleasant surprise when I got invited to the musical play Quilters. The overall plot is that a mother (Sarah) is making a legacy quilt incorporating blocks from quilts that were important in her life before she dies. The main focus of the play are the 16 different quilt blocks (42-in square), which are used to tell stories of life on the prairie. These stories weren't necessarily connected with Sarah's life, though, so I got confused sometimes during the play. They're just snippets of pioneer life. They told stories revolving around blocks that included Kansas Dugout, Tumbling Blocks, Windmill, Schoolhouse, Lone Star, Log Cabin, Crosses and Losses, and Tree of Life. Peg Pennell, a quilter in the guild I belong to, designed the legacy quilt, and pieced/quilted it with the help of friends. It measured 12 feet 9 inches square. What does one do with a quilt that size when the play is over?

The lobby of the playhouse was filled with 37 quilts hanging from the ceiling. Some were modern takes on the classics, while others were antiques from the 1800s and early 1900s. In the booklet that described them, they had some quotes from the movie:
* "Each block is different, each pattern has a thread of somebody's life runnin' through it."
* "I tremble sometimes when I remember what that quilt knows about me."
* "I leave this, the work of my hands, to you... May it bring you as much joy and comfort in the using of it as it has brought me in the making of it."

I think I might include that last one on all my quilt labels from now on.


KandaceCleland said...

Isn't "Quilters" a beautiful piece? We did this last year at our playhouse in Lisbon. Our quilt is much smaller as we had a smaller playhouse. I am not sure what your playhouse will do with the quilt. Many raffle it off at the end as a fundraiser. We are trying to rent ours. If you can point anyone in our direction, I'd appreciate it. My friend Heidi and I worked hard on our legacy quilt and squares- and yes, I like that sentiment-"May it bring you as much joy and comfort in the musing of it as it has brought me in the making of it." The same can be very well said of the play.
Here's our quilt- much simpler in design that yours.
Kandace Cleland

KandaceCleland said...

Oops- "USING f it. Not MUSING of it"- although that typo has a nice meaning as well.