Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Week Five | January 27 - February 2

I stepped out of the shower one day and Annaliese was waiting to get help zipping her coat.  Apparently they were in a hurry to get to school for some reason because they were both ready to go before I had even had time to comb my hair. 

I had something on my phone camera lens, so it's blurry, but I thought it was cute how he was sleeping with the quilt over his face.

And then I went to her room and saw her sound asleep with her thumb in her mouth and had to snap a picture.

100th Day of School! He came home with a Fruit Loop necklace, that at one time had 100 pieces on it. They made a 100 piece "stew" with popcorn, goldfish crackers, M&Ms, etc. And he did a writing activity about what he'd buy if he had $100 (a video game or mansion).

This picture just makes me smile.  Ian has been picking out about four books every week from the children's library at church.  He starts reading as soon as we sit down (empty sanctuary = well before church) and they usually last until the sermon, which is when the, "How much longer?" questions start.  This week, he actually waited to eat his snack after the Children's time until he finished reading. 

Proof we got snow this winter. The kids ate very quickly on Saturday and headed out.

It wasn't very deep, but they sure had a great time.

And by two o'clock, it was pretty much all gone. 

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Moneik said...

The kids are so cute and growing up so quickly! I can't wait for the day when the kids are ready before me, instead of me dragging them out of bed. We've had a bit of snow, but mostly too cold to play in it.