Friday, June 5, 2009

Ian's Capabilities

This is my living room at 1:00 today, right before Ian and I cleaned it up for naptime. He began playing this morning at 8:00, and we even left home to run errands for 2 hours. He just floats from playing with one thing to another, so even if we cleaned it up, we'd have to get it back out 5 minutes later...

This morning we made car washes and towers out of blocks, built Lego towers, hauled Karma (Ian's puppy) in the wagon, took the animals on a trip from the barn in the tractor (the animals are now getting clean at the car wash with his cars), dumped out the plastic zoo animals to find pairs, lined up the dominoes to build a track for the choo-choo, played with the playdoh, and rocked out on the guitar. Plus there was book reading going on, too.

I'm more exhausted playing with him than I was working all day at school, but I wouldn't trade my summer vacation for anything!

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