Monday, June 15, 2009

Out with the Old...

and in with the new. My wallet was in desperate need of replacement, but everywhere I looked, I couldn't find something that I wanted: essentially what I had, only in better condition. Since I couldn't find what I wanted, I made myself a wallet. It's called the Wonder Wallet by Lazy Girl Designs. It took me 45 minutes from start to finish, and that included Toddler Time (reading books and playing in his fort).
That's another finish for me- three weeks and three finishes. Hopefully I can make it even more this week. Too bad I can't count scrapbook finishes. I spent Saturday and Sunday at a scrapbooking retreat. I'm attempting to get Ian's baby book finished (yes, I still haven't finished his life before his 1st birthday, and he's two-and-a-half).

Here are a few of my favorite layouts I did:
This one is about starting baby food.

These are about his BIRTH day. The green paper on the left page tells all about what happened that day.

And this one is about how we used the vent on the microwave to get him to fall asleep.

One bad thing about scrapbooking all weekend was that I missed the sun. It hadn't shined for a week, so today, when it came out after some showers this morning, Ian, Karma, and I headed to the park. It's great going in the early morning; only the young kids, if any, are there. None of the teenagers.

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Meeghan said...

You and all of your crafts...or shall I say work of art? I love the wallet! Too cute!