Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Day of Firsts

Because of the snow this morning (which is now basically gone thanks to the temps), we opted not to take Ian to day care. And even though he didn't want to go outside and shovel, he was completely up for going outside to build his first-ever snowman. The snow was perfect, and so was the weather; warm enough to make snow, but no wind and not really cold. Ian helped push the snowballs around, and it was so cute because he grunted with each push like it was extreme work.
The snow was hitting him in the face, so we showed him how to catch them on your tongue.

And after building the snowman, he and Darrin played catch with a snowball. I'm sure in just a few years it will be a snowball fight instead of catch.

Ian wasn't the only one who had a "first" experience today. Annaliese lost her umbilical cord, so we could finally give her her first bath. She needed one after she peed on the changing pad and soaked herself. She didn't cry through the whole ordeal until we were getting her out, and she loved checking herself out in the mirror. And best of all, she didn't poop in the tub like Ian did during his first bath.
Ian also spent some time today coloring and tracing his hand on the back of his picture.


Moneik said...

Too Cute! What a great day of firsts.

Cindy said...

It looks like everyone in your family had a great day of firsts. I so enjoy seeing the pictures of your kids they are adorable.